The fields at Flying Ace Farm continue to produce! This month, we had our third harvest of 65 acres of Bloody Butcher Virginia heirloom corn.

A Little Bit of History:

Dating back to the mid 1840’s, Bloody Butcher corn gets its name from its resemblance, when milled, to a bloody butcher’s apron. This Virginia heirloom variety grows 10-12 feet tall, reaching upwards of 15 feet and produces 1-2 ears per stalk. Classified as a dent corn, it is open-pollinated (carried by the wind), hardy and drought tolerant. Although lower yield than conventional varieties, Bloody Butcher is an artisan corn that lends an unmistakable flavor profile to the products we produce. Traditional GMO corn typically yields 135 bushels per acre, whereas Bloody Butcher yields around 70 bushels per acre. Flying Ace Farm believes that higher quality, more wholesome ingredients equals better bourbon.


Image of Harvest Bloody Butcher corn at Flying Ace Farm

Image of Combine off loading Bloody Butcher Corm


Bloody Butcher corn has a higher protein and a lower starch content than commodity corn and the depth of its history can be found in its taste. Combined with malted barley and wheat, this three-grain recipe creates an interesting, fruity flavor, with lingering undertones of banana bread and kettle corn.


Image of ear of Bloody Butcher Corn at Flying Ace Farm


From Farm to Bottle:

Over 1500 pounds of Bloody Butcher corn goes into every batch we make, and produces roughly two and half barrels of bourbon. Our bourbon will age for approximately six years in new charred Virginia American Oak barrels. It is during this process that the bourbon will gain over 60% of its flavor. You don’t have to wait six years to sample this whiskey right off our still. Stop in to try Flying Ace’s White Dog Whiskey, before it embarks on the six-year journey to becoming Flying Ace’s Farm to Bottle Bourbon.




Flying Ace Farm dedicates itself to continue this Virginia farming tradition by growing, harvesting, and producing Bloody Butcher corn on our farm in Loudoun County for years to come. By doing so, we hope to preserve its historical integrity while offering it in the form of a bloody good bourbon. As we continue to expand into Monk’s on the Farm, keep an eye out for other products made with this heirloom corn.


Image of Flying Ace Bourbon Being Aged


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