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Cask Strength

Price: $64.99

American Ace Cask Strength won Double Gold at the 2021 North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition, Silver at the 2021 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition and Category Winner at the 2022 World Whiskies Awards.

American Ace Cask is a balanced, full-bodied blend of which the majority is aged more than 10 years. Hints of allspice and honey provide a warm finish with distinct undertones of white pepper and gingerbread.


90 Proof

Price: $44.99

American Ace Distillery 90 Proof Blended Bourbon won Silver Medal at the 2021 North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition.

American Ace 90 Proof is a medium-bodied blend of which the majority is aged more than 10 years. Hints of rose petal and cinnamon give way to a mellow finish with distinct undertones of honey suckle and candied apples.


White Dog

Price: $29.99

American Ace White Dog Whiskey won Silver Medal at the 2022 World Whiskies Awards.

Our White Dog is a three grain whiskey proudly highlighting our Bloody Butcher corn. Dark red in color, bold in flavor, this heirloom variety is farm grown, harvested and milled onsite. Crafted with malted barley and wheat, the combination creates a grain forward head with lingering undertones of banana bread and kettle corn. White Dog is pure in form, proofed down and bottled right off the still. Enjoy our whiskey as it begins its journey to becoming our farm to bottle bourbon.



Price: $29.99

American Ace Rum won Bronze Medal at the 2021 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition.

Our Silver Rum is handcrafted and distilled using molasses to create a distinct and versatile spirit. This light bodied and silky rum offers classic, toasted sugar notes that warm the palate. Mix this rum into your favorite cocktail and lift off to your final destination, relaxation!


Featured Cocktails

On the Runway

Currently Featured

OLD Fashioned

American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / bourbon syrup / orange bitters / mole bitters / garnished with orange peel and Fabbri wild cherries

smoked cherry & vanilla bean Old Fashioned

American Ace Cask Strength Blended Bourbon / smoked vanilla bean bourbon syrup / sour cherry bitters / chocolate Mole Bitters / garnished with smoked Amerena Fabbri cherry.

Blackberry Bourbon Smash

American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / fresh lemon juice / mint infused simple syrup / local honey / mint leaves / muddled blackberries

Bourbon Smash

American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / fresh lemon juice / mint infused simple syrup / local honey / fresh mint leaves 

Mai Tai

Pineapple infused American Ace Rum / dark rum / almond orgeat / dry Curacao / lime juice / pineapple juice

Strawberry lemonade cooler

Lemon infused American Ace Rum / fresh homemade lemonade / basil and lemon balm infused simple syrup / fresh basil leaves /

Banana Daiquiri

Banana & Cinnamon infused American Ace Rum / banana liquor / fresh lime juice / pineapple juice / Coco-Lopez cream / garnished with sliced banana and nutmeg.

Peach Sun Tea

Peach infused American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / sun-brewed sweet tea / creme de peaches liqueur

Melon Cooler

Cantaloupe infused American Ace Rum / cantaloupe puree / elderflower liqueur / basil infused simple syrup / fresh basil leaves

Watermelon Mojito

American Ace Rum / fresh watermelon / mint infused simple syrup / fresh mint leaves / splash of soda / garnished with fresh mint

*Non-alcoholic option available

Pineapple Mojito

Pineapple infused American Ace Farm Rum / fresh pineapple / mint infused simple syrup / mint leaves / splash of soda / garnished with pineapple, mint leaves and lime

*Non-alcoholic option available*

Mint Mojito

Mint infused American Ace Farm Rum / mint infused simple syrup / fresh lime juice / fresh muddled mint / splash of soda / garnished with mint and lime

*Non-alcoholic option available*

On Standby

Previously Featured


American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / banana liqueur / fresh squeezed lemon juice / ginger infused local honey / Tiki bitters


American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / Honeycrisp apples / local cider / fresh lemon juice / ginger infused local honey, thyme and cinnamon

Pumpkins & Cream

Pumpkin infused American Ace Rum / pumpkin spiced (nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, vanilla bean) Demerara syrup / vanilla bean whipped cream / garnished with a pumpkin spice and graham cracker rim.

Farm Fresh Eggnog

Homemade eggnog featuring American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon, banana & nutmeg infused American Ace Rum including locally sourced farm fresh eggs / topped with eggnog foam

Flying Ace Farm Spritzer

American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / fresh lemon juice / local honey syrup / cane sugar / rosemary / topped with Topo Chico

Rum Punch

Pineapple infused American Ace Rum / fresh orange juice / fresh lime juice / passion fruit and house made grenadine

Fig & Brown Butter Washed Manhattan

Fig and brown butter washed American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / Dolin sweet vermouth / Angostura bitters / topped with a Luxardo cherry.

Fall Whiskey Sour

American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / pear brandy / fresh lemon juice / cinnamon syrup / house made black walnut bitters and egg whites / garnished with a thinly sliced pear 

Tiki Fashioned

Toasted coconut infused American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / apple brandy / spiced almond Demerara syrup / Angostura bitters / Tiki bitters

Peaches & Cream

Peach and basil infused American Ace Farm White Dog / fresh orange juice / fresh lemon juice / vanilla bean infused Demerara syrup / garnished with a fresh peach slice

Smoked Jalapeño Strawberry Maragarita

American Ace Rum infused with smoked jalapeños / dry Curaçao / fresh lime juice / agave / strawberry purée 

Bloody Mary

Black pepper infused American Ace White Dog / house made Bloody Mary mix / topped with pickled veggies 

Tiki Twist

 Equal parts American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon and American Ace Rum / fresh lime juice / fresh orange juice / passion fruit juice / pineapple juice / cinnamon infused simple syrup / fresh mint

Spiced Pear Mule

Pear and Ginger infused American Ace Rum / fresh lime juice / pear nectar, cinnamon syrup / pear shrub / ginger beer / garnished with a pear slice

*Non-alcoholic option available*

Hot Toddy

American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / fresh lemon juice / local honey / hot lavender water / garnished with a lemon wheel with cloves and honey stick 

Nutty Servicemen (COLD)

Hazelnut and coco nib infused American Ace Rum / coffee liqueur / chocolate liquor / vanilla bean Demerara syrup / garnished with homemade whip cream and coco powder 

Nutty Servicemen (HOT)

Hazelnut and coco nib infused American Ace Rum / coffee liqueur / chocolate liquor / vanilla bean Demerara syrup / garnished with homemade whip cream and coco powder 

Fig & Smoke

Brown Butter and Fig Washed American Ace 90 Proof Blended Bourbon / Amaro Liqueur / Benedictine Liqueur / Black Walnut Bitters / Smoked Fig Syrup

"Mach"tails - Non alcoholic

The line up (from left to right): The Cider Thyme / The Gingy / Pineapple Mojito / Bloody Mary / Mint Mojito

Beer List

Bloody Butcher Cream Ale

Cream Ale, 5.0% ABV, 18 IBU’s

A true example of “farm to glass”, our cream ale recipe includes almost 300 pounds of our heirloom Bloody Butcher Corn grown here on our farm. The corn imparts a super creamy mouthfeel and leaves a residual sweetness after each sip. To compliment this flavor, we juiced tangerines and added it cold-side and we then hopped with Amarillo hops in order to celebrate the heirloom grain. A cream ale unlike any other, from a farm brewery unlike any other; cheers and enjoy.

Pilot’s Pilsner

German Pilsner, 5.2% ABV ~ 12 IBU’S

German Pilsner malt in conjunction with Lager yeast fermented at ale temperatures makes our Fortified Pilsner stand out. Malty sweetness balanced with Hallertau and Tettnang hops makes for an easy drinking, higher ABV pilsner that’s sure to become “I don’t know what to get so I’ll get the pilsner” or even your favorite easy drinking go-to. Either way, cheers and enjoy responsibly.

“Wilco” Wit

WITBIER, 5.4% ABV ~ 22.6 IBU’S

This is our example of a classic Witbier. We infused sweet and bitter orange peel, coriander, and grains of paradise into the boil to bring you a citrus and spicy beer. Winter White Wheat provides the majority of the grain, giving you a creamy mouthful and grain finish. An all day, all season drinker at 5.4% ABV, enjoy responsibly, OUT.

“Belly Check”

Pale Ale

American Pale Ale, 6% ~ 35 IBU’s

Our American Pale Ale utilizes Amarillo, Trident, Mosaic and Lotus hops to give you a fruity, citrusy and fresh tasting pale ale. American pale ale malt and a fast fermentation leave this beer with a dry finish and tropical flavor, and will leave you wanting another, which we can do. Cheers.

“military hop”


NEIPA, 6% ABV ~ 25.5 IBU’S

Hops on Hops. Our New England IPA is made with Amarillo, Mosaic, Lotus, and Trident hops in the boil. We then dry hopped with ample amounts of Mosaic, Lotus, and Simcoe hops giving you a mouthful of tropical fruit, citrus, and hoppy goodness. True to style, this beer is not filtered and still has the hops in suspension to give you the freshest hop experience available.

“Guns A Go-Go”

West Coast IPA


Our West Coast IPA features three heavy hitting hop varieties; Chinook, Centennial, and Simcoe providing dank citrus flavor. The yeast we used for this IPA was sourced from our friends at Jasper Yeast Labs in Dulles, VA giving the beer a smooth finish and allowing the hop character to shine through. This West Coast flies in at 5.4% ABV and 50 IBU’s, so you don’t have to catch a flight to enjoy the west coast.

“mayday” double dry hopped new england double ipa

NEDIPA, 8.2% ABV ~ 44 IBU’S

Our “Mayday” IPA is a Double Hazy IPA that has been dry hopped twice during fermentation with Lotus and Trident hops, giving the freshest possible hop flavors and aromas. Flavors of orange creamsicle, passion fruit, berries and other tropical fruits balance the big malty profile of this beer and meld into the 8.2% ABV. A combination of oats, wheat and suspended hop particulate from dry hopping is what gives “Mayday” IPA its hazy appearance and chewy mouthfeel. This is a big beer with a big attitude; it’ll be sure to make you call “Mayday.”

“Flight Plan” IPL

India Pale Lager, 5.8% ABV ~ 51 IBU’S

Flight Plan is a single malt and single hop (SMASH) India Pale Lager where we used only German pilsner malt for the mash, and Amarillo hops for the boil. This gives the beer a super clean and light character allowing the flavor and complexity of the Amarillo hops to come forward and become highlighted. “Flight Plan” is similar in style to an IPA, but by using lager yeast and lagering the beer, we have achieved a lighter body and crisper mouthfeel with the same balance between hops and malt.

“Prototype Delta Delta One” Doppelbock


Doppelbock translates to “double” bock, meaning this German style beer is twice the potency of a normal Bock Beer. Traditionally, Doppelbocks were created by monks to have a more substantial “meal” during fasting. Our Doppelbock has notes of toffee, caramel, and raisins and has a deep copper hue. This beer sits at 6.7% ABV and 22 IBUs, cheers and enjoy this one responsibly.

“Red Tail”

Irish Red Ale


“Red Tail” Irish Red Ale is our take on the classic malty ale hailing from the land of Staints and Scholars. We used a blend of crystal malts and roasted barley to achieve a mild body and sweet finish, as well as caramel, vanilla, and smokey roasty notes. This beer has a deep amber and copper hue with a creamy head and is best enjoyed in a field of clover, or in our case, corn.

“Bee-2” Bomber Honey Ale

HONEY ALE, 5.7% ABV ~ 22 IBU’S

Bee-2 Bomber is our Honey Ale that is of Virginia origin. Our distillery received 100 pounds of local honey that we aged in brand new Virginia oak charred barrels for over a month and then pulled out. We designed this beer around this local barrel-aged honey with loads of biscuit and honey malt, to achieve a strong malt presence and to enhance the unique flavor of the honey. This beer pours crystal clear with a golden honey color and strong malty aroma, and finishes with a subtle sweetness that gives you the flavor profile of this unique honey

“Sombeero” Mexican Lager

Mexican Lager, 5.9% ABV ~ 18 IBU’S

Sombeero is our take on an amber Mexican lager. Flaked maize was used in the mash, giving the beer a slight malty and sweet finish, while crystal malts give the lager an amber hue with caramel flavors. This beer comes in just under 6% ABV and is best enjoyed out in the sun with a spicy and citrusy dish.

CAVU kolsch

kolsch 5.9% ABV – 22 IBU’S

CAVU stands for “ceiling and visibility unlimited” and represents the crispness and clarity of our Kolsch. We used German pilsner malt and German Tradition hops in the boil to achieve a malt forward ale with subtle spice notes and a golden yellow color. This is a true to style German Kolsch, fermented with ale yeast at ale temperatures and then cooled and aged until a crisp lager character developed. This is a perfect lawnmower or sunshine beer.

Strawberry Rhubarb CAVU Kolsch

 Kolsch, 5.9% ABV~ 22 IBU’S

For this variant of our CAVU Kolsch, we utilized Strawberry and Rhubarb puree while the beer was fermenting. This beer is just as refreshing as our standard Kolsch, but with a twist!

Apple Beer

 GRAF ALE, 5.5% ABV~ 16 IBU’S

With our Apple Beer, we attempted to create the best of both worlds by combining a pilsner recipe with 300 gallons of fresh pressed apple juice from Glaize Apples of Winchester. We created a bone-dry, slightly spiced, warming Apple Beer that still has that fresh pressed apple taste, perfect for fall weather. This beer was hopped with Amarillo to balance out the sweeter flavors of the malt and juice, and we spiced it with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice to complete the flavor profile. This hybrid beer comes in at 5.5% ABV and 16 IBUs and is dangerously delicious. Cheers!

“Night Flight”

Coffee Stout


How do you take your coffee? Cream? Sugar? Infused into a dark, roasty stout? If you’re of the latter crowd, we have just the beer for you. We collaborated with Catoctin Coffee Company and formulated our very own unique coffee blend to add to this coffee stout. This beer is dark and roasty, bordering smokey, creating the perfect foundation for the unique coffee character to shine through. This “cup-o-joe” comes in at 5% ABV, perfect for a late night cup of goodness, or an early one, we don’t judge.

“The Wright Stuff” Radler

Radler / Shandy, 4.5% ~ 10 IBU’s

The Radler style of beer came about after a German tavern owner named Franz Kugler was approached by a few cyclists who were in search of a beverage. Franz realized he didn’t have enough beer to quench the cyclists, so he mixed sparkling lemonade into his kegs to stretch out his supply and thus the Radler, German for “cyclist”, was born. 30 years prior to the birth of the Radler style, the famous Wright brothers opened a bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio before becoming two of the most famous men in modern aviation. Our Radler, aptly named “The Wright Stuff”, is an homage to both the history of the beer style and our continued celebration of aviation. Our Radler is our Pilsner style base blended with tart lemons and bright raspberries to provide a citrus tart pucker, and sweet berry flavor. “The Wright Stuff” is best enjoyed in warmer weather on two wheels or two wings.

“(Not) Just Peachy” SOUR

Fruited Sour Ale, 4.5% ABV ~ 12 IBU’S

“It’s summertime, and the livin’s peachy.” Peaches harvested locally from Brossman’s Farm were blanched, peeled and grilled over red oak by Monk’s BBQ. Rosemary gathered from our farm was infused into our White Dog Whiskey for over a week and then spritzed on the peaches throughout the grilling process. The peaches were then added at the end of our boil to produce a smoky and sweet peach finish to this sour ale. This beer is a staff favorite, and we hope it becomes yours as well.

“Blackbox” Blackberry Kettle Sour


For this Blackberry Kettle Sour Ale, we utilized the method of kettle souring, which is where we inoculate the beer with live cultures of Lactobacillus and allow the bacteria to create lactic acid (the acid that makes sour beer sour). This process took three days to complete and once it did, we had a tart and rich sour profile that we complimented with over 120 pounds of blackberry during fermentation. The resulting beer has a clean and sharp acidity that cramps the jaw, a fresh and sweet blackberry flavor and ends with a malty and grainy finish. Altogether, this beer is reminiscent of fresh blackberry jam on toast and is a delightful experience to be had.

“Go Around” Wild Cherry Gose

Gose, 4.3% ABV – 10 IBU’S

“Go Around” Wild Cherry Gose is a historical style of beer hailing from Germany and is characterized by a sour lactic acid pucker and a salty finish. We used wild cherries found surrounding our farm for a tart and fruity flavor profile. We also obtained salt from JQ Dickinson, a local salt-making company located right across the mountains in Charleston WV, giving our gose a very slight salty finish. This beer has a funky nose from being kettle soured for over two days with several lactobacillus bacterial strains, has a natural cherry flavor and pucker and finishes with a slight saltiness riding alongside the acidity.

Black Cherry Seltzer


We combined our seltzer base with tart Black Cherry for this new creation. This beverage boasts a beautiful bounty of black cherries bouncing on your ‘buds. At 5% ABV, our seltzer is crisp and refreshing.

“Blast Off” Seltzer


“Blast Off” is our hard seltzer with a blast of Baja flavors including lime, mango, pineapple and orange. With an electric blue hue and 4.9% ABV, “Blast Off” is best served at 2AM (or 2PM, your call), paired with soft tacos and all night gaming sessions.

Blueberry Lemon Seltzer


This hard seltzer is bursting with fresh blueberry and tart lemon flavors and has a classic dry seltzer finish. Crystal clear and only 5% ABV, our Blueberry Lemon Hard Seltzer is a go-to for hot summer days.

The Mission

Here at FLYING ACE FARM our mission is to develop, produce, serve and distribute delicious farm-to-table food products and farm-to-bottle beverages produced from crops that we grow, harvest, store and mill on property. These farm products are offered to our customers for consumption as food and beverages in our restaurant, brewery, and distillery and for purchase through our distribution channels.

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