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Cask Strength

Price: $64.99

Our Blended Bourbon is a combination of two 6 year old bourbons and a 15 year old light whiskey that creates a balanced, unique flavor profile. The grain forward nose gives way to hints of rose petal, allspice and honey. Combined characteristics of caramel, maple syrup and crème brulee add to the body and complexity of this blend. Finishing with distinct undertones of honeysuckle, white pepper and gingerbread make our Blended Bourbon truly one of a kind.

90 Proof

Price: $44.99

Offering our blended bourbon at 90 proof changes the flavor profile and creates new characteristics of cinnamon and candied apples while maintaining hints of caramel, maple syrup and crème brulee. An easy daily sipper that is sweet to the nose, mellow on the palate, with a warm finish.  

White Dog

Price: $29.99

Our White Dog is a three grain whiskey proudly highlighting our Bloody Butcher corn. Dark red in color, bold in flavor, this heirloom variety is farm grown, harvested and milled onsite. Crafted with malted barley and wheat, the combination creates a grain forward head with lingering undertones of banana bread and kettle corn. White Dog is pure in form, proofed down and bottled right off the still. Enjoy our whiskey as it begins its journey to becoming our farm to bottle bourbon.


Price: $29.99

Our Silver Rum is handcrafted and distilled using molasses to create a distinct and versatile spirit. This light bodied and silky rum offers classic, toasted sugar notes that warm the palate. Mix this rum into your favorite cocktail and lift off to your final destination, relaxation!

Air Boss Pilsner

5.5% ABV – 20 IBUs

Crisp, clean with subtle grassy notes and slight hints of hay and honey. Perfect for any day on the farm.

Punch Out IPA

7.2% ABV – 55 IBUs

Hints of pear and tangerine with slight citrus notes. Light and hoppy aftertaste, very pleasant and not overwhelming with a light amber color and hue. Very quaffable.

Go Juice Blackberry Sour

3.0% ABV – 15 IBUs

American stainless steel sour with lactic acid added after fermentation. Tall notes of blackberry from 77 pounds of puree added at the end of fermentation that yields fruity and sour notes. An all day easy drinker.

Dog Fight Pale Ale

6.1% ABV – 40 IBUs

A hearty fruit aroma, with noticeable Centennial hops on this classic style pale ale. You should pick up some caramunich in the body which contributes to the caramel notes.

Warbird Wit

6.5% ABV – 30 IBUs

Fresh baked bread on the aroma with slight notes of coriander. You’ll notice both sweet and bitter orange come through in the flavor to balance out this well rounded beer.

Lights Out

6.0% ABV – 25 IBUs

Dark chocolate aroma with big notes of roasted malt. Comes in with a mild chocolate sweetness that balances it perfectly with subtle notes of coffee. Also very quaffable. *Contains lactose

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