Introducing our New Brewer, Tom Bova

I started homebrewing when I was 19 and ended up really enjoying it. I decided I wanted to pursue brewing as a potential career, so in 2016, I secured an internship/apprenticeship with Coelacanth Brewery in Norfolk, Va. I stayed there long enough to build a resume, about 7 months, and then snagged a job as a cellarman for Strangeways Brewing in Richmond, Va. I stayed there for almost 5 years, working my way all the way up to Head Brewer. Strangeways gave me the opportunity to expand my brewing knowledge and experiment with unique practices.

Enter Flying Ace Farm

I heard about Flying Ace through a friend and their vision of a true farm-to-table concept intrigued me so I decided to apply for the position of Head Brewer. Flying Ace Farm is appealing for several reasons, the first being the location. After being in Richmond and Norfolk for most of my life, it was time to go somewhere less crowded and Lovettsville is a beautiful place with a lot of charm. This Brewery also has a great management team that is very receptive and knowledgeable and has provided a top-notch facility that’ll allow me to make some gnarly brews. To me, the decision to relocate was a no-brainer.

Farm Fresh Brewery

There’s also something to be said about farm breweries, which in my opinion, is the next big beer trend. Having the capability to incorporate ingredients grown right in our own backyard excites me and for consumers, the idea of how close they can get to the source of the product all while supporting local farmers and businesses became the perfect catalyst in my decision to join the Flying Ace team. With that said, the opportunities to indulge my passion are endless.

Image of Flying Ace Farm from air

A Beer Brewers Dream

As far as my favorite beers to make, I’m a big sour and lager fan. I enjoy making beers that can be enjoyed in the sun with moderate abv so you can enjoy more than just one in a sitting. My favorite drinking beer is Anderson Valley’s “The Kimmie, The Yink, and the Holy Gose” but my all-time absolute favorite beer is Boulevard Brewing’s “Love Child No. 4.” The absolute perfect beer in my opinion.

Since coming on board, Tom has released several new recipes that are now on tap. They are:

  • Pilot’s Pilsner
  • Belly Check Pale Ale
  • Not (Just Peachy) Sour
  • Bloody Butcher Tangerine Cream Ale
  • Märzen Bier
  • Virginia Farmhouse Saison (Virginia Brewer’s Guild Collaboration Beer)
  • Military Hop (New England IPA)

Please join us in welcoming Tom to the Flying Ace Team!

Discover Flying Ace Farm

There has never been a better time to discover Flying Ace Farm – we invite you and your friends to visit our wonderful space in Lovettsville, VA. Expand your horizons with flavors, fun, music, and more.